Tiia Orivuori
an art teacher and working visual artist, regularly exhibiting in her native country of Finland


January 7th 2012 in Uncategorized

Tiia Orivuori, (b.1972, Helsinki, Finland) works in a wide area involving visual arts. Teaching students with age range of toddlers to senior citizens keeps art and it’s core, imagination flowing. Orivuori believes being in contact with people and talking about art is very important to own artistic development. All students bring in different ideas as well as artistic problems which always teaches the teacher as well.

In her artwork, Orivuori uses which ever media she feels is most suited for it, and often tries out new techniques. Closest to heart is always the first love, drawing in all different forms, and free-flowing, three-dimensional mobile installations.



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“Artist of the month”, a little one-wall exhibition inside the Hyvinkää Artists’ Association Gallery

April 2012


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